A little about us, our founder, how it works
and some fun photos of us in action!

October 1st 2015

Hundreds of people hastely ran through the castle hallways, the daemon nearly upon them; A moonlight night illuminated his horrifying features. Garrish horns cast a menacing shadow upon the walls, contrasting near perfectly with its resplentent red complexion. A sharp nose struck dreadful reverence into all who looked upon this terror of the nightly realm. At this precise moment did the fiend realize its love to scare, and so began the saga of FX Crate.

When I thought of the FX Crate idea, I wanted a way to learn how to bring my creations to life from the best talent in the industry. I also wanted to find a way to make products more affordable on a budget. The story above is about me working in a local haunt in Massachusetts, and consequently That fiend can be found within each member of the FX Crate family, as we pick the best makeup product in the world to bring your nightmares to life.

Mission Statement

The intention of FX Crate is to make special effects products available to both amature and professional artists, with educational direction, at an affordable price.

By aspiring to reach the international market this monthly subscription box will make special effects makeup art more accessable to international artists, undiscovered talent, and "FX" makeup admirers.