I think this is possibly the best thing ever for beginners and seasoned artists alike. We are 3 months in so far and here are the benefits: for beginners: there is a tutorial included to show you how to make the makeup design intended for the month to help you hone your skills, for the vets: there are a lot of quality products in each box that will fill your kit so you have them to use when the need arises.

I manage makeup artists at one of the top haunts in the world: Fear Factory. Having these materials has given me opportunities to create makeups I never would have thought of without the access to these products. I do not use the materials for the intended makeup, I use them as filler in my makeup kit so if I am presented with a challenge such as a zombie makeup (one of the zones changed mid-season) I have the product to make that happen.

This kit saves money on supplies and can introduce you to products you would never have tried if not for the kit. For me that included the Tinsley transfers. I had never tried them before and now if I need to do a last minute zombie they will be my go-to.

Every month brings a new surprise and I look forward to sharing what I do with the products as they come. In the off-season of the haunt I have arranged to have photographers and models for shoots and will be starting my own tutorials for the makeups I create from the FX Crate supplies!

I would recommend this subscription to anyone starting out or seasoned in FX makeup! 5 stars.

Jez Teflon Roberts

I have no words to express just how much I love FX Crate, it's truly amazing!

Regardless if you're a seasoned pro, beginner or if you are just want to do fx as a hobby, this is the perfect place!

you can try full size products, learn some techniques and get some great samples to "try before you buy".

The crew at FX Crate are so helpful and very kind and I look forward to seeing what the next box has in store for excited!!

Jill Harbst Boulanger

The crates are excellent!!!! For beginner or experts!! The customer service is the best I've ever had, and I do not mean that lightly !!!! They have gone above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted and had expected. They literally didn't until I was happy!!! I've never had a company so involved on a personal level to make sure I got what I wanted. I can't even think of a good way to describe it. But they are awesome!!!!! Even if I decided I didn't want the crates, other company's could take a good lesson from these guys!!!!!

KaCee Marie

I'm so impressed with their crates! The products are great quality and this customer service is beyond amazing

Kea Raines

Amazing!!!! These boys know what they're doing!!

Shy-lynn Jariett

I love fx crate, my Uncle ordered it for me and these crates take my breathe away the 2 months I have been getting these.

Chy Rose

Special FxCrate!

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